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Giver of Gifts: Nature’s Story of Hope is a children’s picture book about restoring our connection with nature. A wise, old tree narrates the story and takes the reader on a journey learning about the reciprocal relationship between nature and people and how it benefits us all!

The Earth gives freely everything that we need to survive.


 But…What does the Earth ask of us?


You’ll find the answer to this and much more within the pages of this book! Come along with us! All of Nature is alive and breathing with an energy of its own. We are all connected!


 Trees in particular, have in some cases remained the only live witness to historical events throughout history. This is the 1st book of its kind in a series named, The Witness Tree Series. Its time for Nature to speak out and share her wisdom with all who will listen.


 Giver of Gifts, is about reconnecting with Nature.

Giver of Gifts

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